Student Voice

The Student’s (and Teacher’s) Voice

Our students come from all walks of life, a variety of cultures and range in age from 18 to 80.

Despite this rich diversity most would agree that

“Dancing can change your Life”

Here are some of their comments:

“This type of Latin dancing releases the essence of your natural sensuality that’s has often lay dormant, it ignites confidence and a valuing of your true self.   Listening  to the music,  start to immerse yourself,  appreciate how the dance becomes a art form and a marriage of the music   The essential requirement is understanding that this is a continuing journey of  gratitude with humility on many levels and never a final destination. It will change your life”

Genoviève – Teacher

“Great dancing, good friendly atmosphere and great fun!”


“For me it was the love of the dance. It allowed me to express myself and forget for just a moment I had problems, which I knew I would have to face when I went home. I just love the dancing! It’s sexy, fun and I’m happy. I have attended Glebe for the most part of 9 years and still loving it.”


“There’s a friendly, down to earth approach to teaching and dancing here. No focus on image, prestige or pressure to perform- what a relief. Just authentic dancing and genuine people who have become life long friends”


“My experience with learning Latin dancing at LADA has been one that I will cherish till my last days. Since I took up Salsa dancing some 6.5 years ago haven’t stopped smiling, laughing and experiencing the love of the dance and life itself.

I have made long lasting and genuine friends and met people that without LADA I would have otherwise never had such an opportunity. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years earlier. Thanks LADA, for putting a smile on my face that seems pointless to even try and wipe off!”


“I enjoyed and needed the repetition and revising of steps each week so I could learn the dance well. It was satisfying to see my improvement in the dance over time.”


“I do feel 15 years younger. It’s not only the dancing that keeps me young; it’s the mental outlook. It happens when you open up your life, and never let ‘NO’ be the main part in your vocabulary”

Jose Prates – founding teacher


Say Yes! Now to igniting the passion for Latin dance and for life!